Demonstration of Electromagnetic Internal Propulsion

Here I presnt video, demonstrating internal propulsion in work.

The video prooves only feasibility of the project, it is not prototype yet.

The difficulty of this demonstration lies in fact that current is high and electrodes weld on, stick to the magnet, not allowing it to move. I should use graphite electrodes.

The forces in this demonstration are very low -- in order of 0.2-0.3N. When current flows inside of magnet, it interacts with magnetic field producing perpendicular force F = I*B*l. I≈20A, B≈1.3T, l≈0.01m. Magnetization of magnet is top to bottom.

As you can see on video, when voltage is applied across magnet, it moves a little bit forward. We could put power supply on the top of magnet and, if magnet would be big enough, it would move along with the power supply unit. Since force is proportional to the length, as longer is magnet – so greater is force. As bigger is current – so greater is force. By sufficient dimensions and current densities such device can easily propel car.